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There are a range of online resources and training courses available to help you explore and learn about the Ensembl genome browser:

Reference Ensembl Genome Browser Walkthrough

The reference Ensembl genome browser walkthrough, below, is a series of screenshots and descriptions which showcases the principles of how the pages within the Ensembl genome browser are organised and the ways that you can view and download the different data types. We hope that you will find this reference walkthrough useful when exploring the Ensembl genome browser. Please feel free to download and/or print to use in your work.

Reference Ensembl Genome Browser Walkthrough

This reference walkthrough does not cover all of the data types and views available through the Ensembl genome browser. It serves as a reference which demonstrates the principles of the Ensembl genome browser organisation and some of the most frequently accessed pages.


The Ensembl Training YouTube channel offers a range of short videos, tutorials and recorded webinars that cover retrieving different data types and using different tools in Ensembl.


We also regularly deliver live webinars as part of the EMBL-EBI webinar series. Check back regularly to see upcoming webinars from Ensembl and other EMBL-EBI resources.

EMBL-EBI Online Courses

There are a number of free online courses available through the EMBl-EBI Train Online portal. EMBL-EBI Train Online hosts:

as well as many other free exciting bioinformatics courses.