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Investigating a variant in wheat

(a) Search for the variant BA00369602 on plants.ensembl.org. Is this variant known by any other names?

(b) What gene is affected by this variant? What is the amino acid change?

(c) Which cultivars have the alternative base at this locus?

(a) Start at plants.ensembl.org and put BA00369602 into the search box. Click on BA00369602 in the search results to get to the variation homepage.

Under synonyms, you can see that the variant is also known as AX-94448191 in CerealsDB.

(b) Click on Genes and regulation.

The variant is a missense variant on TraesCS2D02G303800, where it gives a glycine to aspartic acid (G/D) change at transcript position 406.

(c) Click on Sample genotypes. Scroll down the table to see any cultivars with the A allele in the genotype column.

All of the cultivars listed have the genotype G|G.