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Finding a Triticum aestivum gene

(a) Search for Oxygen evolving enhancer protein from the Ensembl Plants homepage and narrow down your search to Triticum aestivum. How many genes are there with this name in wheat? Why do you think this is? What chromosomes are they on?

(b) Go to the gene on chr2B. How many protein coding transcripts does this gene have?

(a) Start at the Ensembl Plants homepage.

Type Oxygen evolving enhancer protein into the search box then click Go. Choose Triticum aestivum from the species drop-down.

There are two genes named TraesCS2D02G248400 and TraesCS2B02G270300. This is because of the hybridisations in wheat’s evolutionary history. You can see that the two genes occur on chromosomes 2B and 2D.

(b) Click on the gene on chromosome 2B to go to the gene tab. If the transcript table is hidden, click on Show transcript table to see it.

There are two protein coding transcripts.