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Variation data in sheep CD72

The sheep Cd72 gene product is an integral component of the plasma membrane (GO:0005887).

(a) Can you find all variants that have been described for this gene so far? Do any of them change the amino acid sequence of the protein?

(b) Are any of the missense variants predicted to be deleterious by SIFT? What are their IDs?

(a) Go to the Ensembl homepage.

Select Search: Sheep and type CD72. Click Go.

Click on novel gene (Sheep Gene, Breed: texel) to go to the Gene tab.

In the left-hand menu, click on Variant table to see the full list of variants described for this gene.

Filter the table for: Consequences > missense variant to see which variants cause changes in the amino acid sequence.

There are 23 missense variants.

(b) Click on the heading SIFT of the table to sort the column.

Five missense variants have been predicted to be deleterious by SIFT, shown by the red SIFT scores. Their IDs are: rs593145093, rs1088269383, rs1093464070, rs422891390 and rs597376323.