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Viewing gene features on the mouse karyotype

Several variants seem to be associated with pancreatic cancer. Here is a non-exhaustive list of genes where these variants have been mapped to in humans:


(a) Can you display the mouse orthologues of these human genes on the mouse karyotype? Can you find the location for all of these genes?

(b) Can you export this image?

(c) How can you delete this data?

(a) Go to www.ensembl.org, choose Mouse and click on Display your data in Ensembl. Click on Features on Karyotype and enter the list of genes. You will see the karyotype with the locations of the genes shown as little triangles. The table provides additional information on the genes displayed on the karyotype. You may want to explore some of those links and view the genes on their Location tabs.

(b) You can export the image by clicking on the polaroid photo icon at the top bar in the image you want to export. This functionality is available throughout the Ensembl browser.

(c) You can delete the gene features on the mouse karyotype by either going back to the mouse species page and then clicking on Display your data in Ensembl, or from any genomic region in the Location tab, you can also click on Manage Data in the left hand side and click on the rubbish bin.