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Orthologues of the Anopheles gambiae SCRB9 gene

(a) How many orthologues are predicted for the Anopheles gambiae SCRB9 gene in Diptera?

(b) In what taxa are SCRB9 orthologues not found according to pan-taxonomic analysis?

(c) Download the alignment between Anopheles gambiae and Drosophila melanogaster for the SCRB9 gene.

(a) Go to metazoa.ensembl.org, choose Anopheles gambiae and search for SCRB9. Click through to the Gene tab view.

On the gene tab, click on Metazoan compara: orthologues at the left side of the page to see all the metazoa orthologous genes.

There are 1:1 orthologues in 45 Diptera, 1:many in three.

(b) Click on Pan-taxonomic compara: orthologues.

There are no orthologues found in bacteria, archaea and Fungi.

(c) Find Drosophila melanogaster in the table and click on View sequence alignments -> View cDNA Alignment.