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Exploring a gene in Plasmodium falciparum

  1. Find the Plasmodium falciparum PF3D7_1145400 gene on Ensembl Protists. On which strand is this gene located? What are the coordinates of the gene?

  2. How long is its transcript (in bp)? How long is the protein it encodes? How many exons does it have?

  3. What is the Uniprot ID that maps to the translation of this transcript?

  4. What are the GO:Biological process(es) associated with PF3D7_1145400?

  1. Go to the Ensembl Protists homepage. Select Plasmodium falciparum from the species list and type PF3D7_1145400 in the search box. Click Go. Click on PF3D7_1145400 in the search results. You can find the strand orientation and coordinates in the gene Summary page.

    PF3D7_1145400 is located on the reverse strand of chromosome 11 between 1,800,544 and 1,803,550.

  2. Click on Show transcript table.

    The transcript is 2,514 base pairs and the length of the encoded protein is 837 amino acids.

    Click on the transcript ID CZT99117 in the transcript table.

    It has four exons.

  3. You can find this information in a number of places: the transcript table, External references on the Gene tab or General identifiers on the Transcript tab.

    The UniProt ID that maps to protein encoded by the PF3D7_1145400 transcript is Q8IHR4.

  4. Click on GO: Biological process in the side menu of the Gene tab.

    The PF3D7_1145400 gene is involved in mitochondrial fission.