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Exploring a SNP in Anopheles gambiae

Variants of the para gene (AGAP004707) are associated with resistance to the insecticide permethrin.

(a) Search for para in Anopheles gambiae and find the missense variant 2L.2422651 in the variation table.

(b) How many sample populations have been genotyped for this variant?

(c) Which population(s) have a predominantly C C genotype?

(a) Go to the Ensembl Metazoa homepage, and select Anopheles gambiae.

Type para in the Search box, then click Go. Select variant table from the side menu.

Select missense variant from the consequence type filter, and click on 2L.2422651.

(b) Select Sample genotypes.

From the Summary of genotypes by population table, there are nine populations.

(c) GAS and KES have a predominantly C C genotype, all of the UGS population have a C C genotype.