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Exploring the Clu gene in mouse

The human CLU gene has previously been identified as an Alzheimers Disease risk locus, which shows interactions with APOE genotypes (Meta-analysis Confirms CR1, CLU, and PICALM as Alzheimer Disease Risk Loci and Reveals Interactions With APOE Genotypes. ArchNeurol. 2010 Sep 3).

Search for Clu in mouse and go to the location tab.

(a) What chromosome does the Clu gene fall on? What strand?

(b) What are the names of the adjacent protein coding genes to Clu?

(c) How many transcripts does Clu currently consist of? How many transcripts code for proteins? How large, in amino acids, is the protein coded for by the longest transcript?

Go to the Ensembl homepage (http://www.ensembl.org/).

Select Search: Mouse and type Clu in the text box. Click Go. Navigate to the Location tab for the genomic region surrounding the Clu gene.

(a) The mouse Clu gene is found on chromosome 14 on the forward strand.

(b) The protein coding genes adjacent to Clu are Scara3 and Gulo.

(c) Click on any transcript of the gene to get a pop-up and click on the gene ID ENSMUSG00000022037 to go to the gene tab. Expand the transcript table by clicking on Show transcript table.

There are nine transcripts associated with the mouse Clu gene and six transcripts code for proteins (coding transcripts are shown in red or gold). ENSMUST00000022616 is the longest transcript and and consists of 448 amino acids.