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Orthologues, paralogues and gene trees for the maize Zm00001d015746 gene

How many orthologues are predicted for the maize Zm00001d015746 gene in Liliopsida?

How much sequence identity does the Sorghum bicolor protein have to the maize one? Click on the Alignment link next to the Ensembl identifier column to view a protein alignment in Clustal format.

Go to plants.ensembl.org, choose Zea mays and search for Zm00001d015746. Click through to the Gene tab view.

On the gene tab, click on Orthologues at the left side of the page to see all the orthologous genes.

These are the orthologues in the Liliopsida:

  • 20 1-to-1
  • Seven 1-to-many
  • Two many-to-many

The percentage of identical amino acids in the sorghum protein (the orthologue) compared with the gene of interest. i.e. maize Zm00001d015746 (the target species/gene) is 82.07%. This is known as the Target %ID. The identity of the gene of interest (maize GRMZM2G144081) when compared with the orthologue (the sorghum gene, the query species/gene) is 81.69% (the query %ID).

Note the differences in the values of the Target and Query % ID reflects the different protein lengths for the genes.