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Leishmania: Browser and BioMart

You would like to know more about the region on chromosome 35, from base pairs 678181-701968. Find out which genes are in that region, and find out if the GO project has any information about function for these genes. Use both BioMart and protists.ensembl.org (you should get the same answers). Do you prefer one method over the other?


Go to the Ensembl protists homepage. Click on the BioMart link on the toolbar.

Choose the Ensembl Protists Genes database. Choose the Leishmania major genes dataset.

Click on Filters in the left panel. Expand the REGION section by clicking on the + box. Choose Chromosome/Scaffold and select 35 Select Coordinates and enter 678181 into Start and 701968 into End Click Count to see there are 6 genes in this region.

Click on Attributes in the left panel. Expand the GENE section by clicking on the + box. Deselect Ensembl Transcript ID. Select Gene Name Expand EXTERNAL and select GO Term Accession and GO Term Name.

Click the Results button on the toolbar.

Out of the 6 genes shown, four have GO terms associated with them, and 1 has a gene name.


Go to the Ensembl protists homepage. Change All species to Leishmania major and type in 35:678181-701968 into the search box.

This should take you to the Location tab, where six genes are drawn in the window.

Click on a gene, and jump to the gene ID (for example LMJF_35_1570). In the gene tab, click on the GO links for example GO: biological processes to see the GO terms.

Go back to the Location tab and do this gene by gene to check them all.