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Regulatory features in human

(a) Search for the regulatory feature ENSR00000262400. What type of feature is this? What is its genomic location?

(b) Which cell types is this feature inactive or repressed in? Look at the Details by cell type, why do you think it has been called differently in these cell types when compared to all other cells?

(c) Why do so many cells have this feature listed as NA on the summary page?

(a) Search for ENSR00000262400 from the home page. Click on the search result to open the Regulation tab.

ENSR00000262400 is a CTCF binding site found at Chromosome 11: 1,998,001-2,001,400, which can be found at the top of the Summary page.

(b) Scroll down to see the summary of regulatory activity across different cell types.

The CTCF binding site is inactive in H1-hESC_3 and HepG2 cells. It is repressed in A673.

Click on Details by cell type at the top of the page or in the left-hand menu. Choose cells by clicking on Configure Cell/Tissue blue button, then Selecting all 148 cell types. Add the CTCF binding track by clicking on Experiments tab, Transcription factors and CTCF. Click Configure track display, then View tracks to load the page.

CTCF-binding has been observed in cells where it is active and in some cells where it is poised or inactive. It cannot be observed in cells where it is repressed.

(c) Note that many cell types have this feature represented as white block with no corresponding CTCF signal or peaks.

Cells which do not have CTCF ChIP-seq data cannot have an activity listed for this feature.