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FUM1 orthologues and gene trees

The fumarase gene (FUM1) in Arabidopsis encodes a protein with mitochondrial targeting information: http://www.uniprot.org/uniprot/P93033.

(a) How many orthologues have been identified for this gene in Ensembl Plants?

(b) Which orthologue has the highest sequence similarity? Look at the Query% ID and Target%ID.

(a) Go to plants.ensembl.org, choose Arabidopsis and search for FUM1. Click on the Gene ID link. Now click on Orthologues under Plant Compara at the left side of the page to see all the 144 orthologous genes.

(b) Click on the triangles in the column headers to sort by identity. The orthologue with the highest sequence similarity is from Arabidopsis halleri.