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Fusarium genus

(a) How many genomes of the genus Fusarium are in Ensembl Fungi?

(b) What is the accession number of the Fusarium graminearum str. CS3005 INSDC assembly?

(c) How many genes have been annotated for Fusarium graminearum str. CS3005?

(a) Go to fungi.ensembl.org. Click on View full list of all Ensembl Fungi species. Type Fusarium into the filter box in the top right.

There are 37 Fusarium genomes in Ensembl Fungi. Many of them are multiple strains of the same species, or multiple assemblies of the same strain/species.

(b) Click on Fusarium graminearum str. CS3005, then on More information and statistics.

The accession number of the INSDC assembly is GCA_000599445.1.

(c) There are 13,355 coding genes in Fusarium graminearum str. CS3005.