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Adding BAM files to Ensembl Fungi

Attach the file Spom_all_61G9EAAXX_and_61G9UAAXX.+.sorted.bam, which can be found here, to view in Schizoaccharomyces pombe. Go to the region I:490843-490870, can you see a mismatch between a read and the reference assembly?

Go to the provided public directory and right click on the file Spom_all_61G9EAAXX_and_61G9UAAXX.+.sorted.bam to copy its URL, which is: http://ftp.ebi.ac.uk/ensemblgenomes/pub/misc_data/bam/fungi/Spom/Spom_all_61G9EAAXX_and_61G9UAAXX.%2B.sorted.bam Go to Ensembl Fungi and select Schizosaccharomyces pombe to go to the species homepage.

Select Display your data in Ensembl Fungi to get to the custom track menu. Paste the file URL into the Data box. The file type should be automatically selected. Click Add data.

Close menu and then put I:490843-490870 into the search box.

In the reads there are three red bases which do not match the reference assembly: A on the forward strand, and G and T on the reverse.