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Exploring a cow gene

(a) What GO: Molecular function terms are associated with the cow NIPBL gene?

(b) Go to the transcript tab for the only transcript, NIPBL-201. How many exons does it have? Which one is the longest?

(c) What domains can be found in the protein product of this transcript? What prediction method(s) identified these domains?

(a) Select Search: Cow and type NIPBL. Click Go. Click on _NIPBL (Cattle gene) in the search results.

Click on GO: Molecular function in the left-hand menu.

There are six terms listed including GO:0003682 chromatin binding.

(b) Click on the transcript stable ID ENSBTAT00000020129.5 in the transcript table (or on the Transcript tab). Click on Exons in the left-hand menu.

There are 47 exons, of which exon 10 is the longest with 1,626 bp.

(c) Click on either Protein Summary or Domains & features in the left-hand menu to view the data graphically or as a table, respectively.

There are a number of predicted domains, e.g. Seg predicts a number of low-complexity domains, N-coils predicts a coiled-coil domain and Superfamily predicts an Armadillo-type fold.