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Finding RNASeq data for the zebrafish cdk1 gene

(a) Find the zebrafish cdk1 gene.

(b) Go to the location tab. Configure the page to show RNASeq gene models for embryos 1, 2, 3 and 5 days post-fertilisation. Are there any differences in the RNASeq transcripts between the time points?

(c) Download the protein sequence of the cdk1-201 transcript in the FASTA file format.

(a) Go to the Ensembl homepage.

Select Search: Zebrafish and type cdk1. Click Go.

Click on the Ensembl ID ENSDARG00000087554.

(b) Click on the Location tab. Click Configure this page in the side menu (or on the cog wheel icon in the top left hand side of the bottom image).

Select RNASeq models from the Genes and transcripts section. Select 1 day post fertilisation, 2 days post fertilisation, 3 days post fertilisation, and 5 days post fertilisation. Save and close the new configuration by clicking on ✓.

There is no model 5 dpf and the model 3dpf has a retained intron compared to the models 1dpf and 2dpf.

(c) Click on the cdk1-201 transcript (ENSDART00000122407) from the transcript table.

Click on Protein from the side menu. Click the Download Sequence button.

Select FASTA from the File format menu. Select Preview then Download your FASTA file.