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BioMart: variants in renal carcinoma

The following SNP IDs have been described by Karami et al (2009) to be associated with Renal Carcinoma Cancer risk in humans: rs13090, rs2228570, rs9277934, rs2254210, rs748964.

Can you retrieve the 100 bp flanking sequence (both upstream and downstream) of these variants in order to design primers to interrogate the SNPs?

Click New. Choose Ensembl Variation and Homo sapiens Short Variation (SNPs and indels).

Filters: Expand the General Variation Filters and paste in rs13090, rs2228570, rs9277934, rs2254210, rs748964

Count shows 5 short variants.

Attributes: Select Sequence, expand the section Sequence, tick the Variation sequence box and then both Upstream and Downstream options. Leave the default figure of 100 nt.

Click the Results button on the toolbar.