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Mosquito: protein function

(a) Find the GR44 gene (gustatory receptor) in Anopheles gambiae.

  • How many splice variants does it have?
  • Are there protein domains common to these splice variants? (Hint: Click on the Splice variants link in the left hand menu),

(b) Is there a biological process GR44 is involved in, according to the GO project?

(a) From metazoa.ensembl.org, search for GR44 and go to the Gene summary.

Click the Show transcript table button to see these, or click Splice variants in the left hand menu.

There are five splice variants

The Splice variants view shows where protein domains are coded for within the transcripts. Protein domains from Pfam and Panther projects are common to all transcripts. Click on a domain to go to a link with more information; for example click on the Pfam domain 7TMchemorcpt and then IPR013604 to learn more about the 7-transmembrane chemoreceptor.

(b) Click GO: biological process in the left hand menu.

GR44 is involved in sensory perception of taste among others.