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Exploring a gene in E. coli

Start in Ensembl Bacteria and select the Escherichia coli strain K-12 substr. MG1655 genome.

(a) What GO: biological process terms are associated with the era gene?

(b) What domains can be found in the protein product of this gene? How many different domain prediction methods agree with each of these domains?

Enter part of the name into the genome search box (e.g. MG1655) and then select the correct genome to go to the info page.

(a) Enter era into the search box and hit Go. Click the link in the first hit to go to the era gene page. From here, click GO: biological process in the left hand menu.

There are three terms, GO:0000028, GO:0046777, GO:0006468 and GO:0042274.

(b) Click on the protein ID link in the transcript table on the gene page.

The summary shows a GTP binding domain (TIGRFAM, Superfamily, Pfam, HAMAP) and a KH domain (Superfamily, Pfam, PROSITE profiles) though some predictions combine both domains into one signature.