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Exploring a bacterial gene (Clostridium sporogenes)

Start in Ensembl Bacteria and select the Clostridium sporogenes (001444695) genome.

(a) What GO: biological process terms are associated with the polC gene?

(b) Go to the transcript tab for the only transcript, OQP95999. How long is the transcript?

(c) What domains can be found in the protein product of this transcript? How many different domain prediction methods agree with each of these domains?

(a) Go to bacteria.ensembl.org. Select Clostridium sporogenes by beginning to write the species name, and selecting the species option.

Type PolC and click on the gene name link PolC[AN649_08265].

Click on GO: biological process in the side menu.

There are two terms listed: GO:0006260, DNA replication and GO:0006261, DNA-dependent DNA replication.

(b) Click on the transcript named OQP95999 (or on the Transcript tab).

OQP95999 is 4299 bp in length.

(c) Click on either Protein Summary or Domains & features in the left hand menu to see graphically or as a table respectively.