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Running CFTR variants through VEP

Resequencing of the genomic region of the human CFTR (cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (ATP-binding cassette sub-family C, member 7) gene (ENSG00000001626) has revealed the following variants. The alleles defined in the forward strand:

  • G/A at 7: 117,530,985
  • T/C at 7: 117,531,038
  • T/C at 7: 117,531,068

Use the VEP tool in Ensembl and choose the options to see SIFT and PolyPhen predictions. Do these variants result in a change in the proteins encoded by any of the Ensembl genes? Which gene? Have the variants already been found?

Go to the Ensembl homepage and click on the link Tools at the top of the page. Currently there are nine tools listed in that page. Click on Variant Effect Predictor and enter the three variants as below:

7	117530985	117530985	G/A
7	117531038	117531038	T/C  
7	117531068	117531068	T/C

Note: Variation data input can be done in a variety of formats. See more details about the different data formats and their structure in this VEP documentation page. Click Run. When your job is listed as Done, click View Results.

You will get a table with the consequence terms from the Sequence Ontology project (http://www.sequenceontology.org/) (i.e. synonymous, missense, downstream, intronic, 5’ UTR, 3’ UTR, etc) provided by VEP for the listed SNPs. You can also upload the VEP results as a track and view them on Location pages in Ensembl. SIFT and PolyPhen are available for missense SNPs only. For two of the entered positions, the variations have been predicted to have missense consequences of various pathogenicity (coordinate 117531038 and 117531068), both affecting CFTR. All the three variants have been already annotated and are known as rs1800077, rs1800078 and rs35516286 in dbSNP (databases, literature, etc).