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Exporting homologues with BioMart

Go to Ensembl’s BioMart. For a list of Ciona savignyi Ensembl genes, export the human orthologues:
ENSCSAVG00000000002, ENSCSAVG00000000003, ENSCSAVG00000000006, ENSCSAVG00000000007, ENSCSAVG00000000009, ENSCSAVG00000000011

Do all of these genes have a homologue in human?

  1. Go to BioMart (you can find a shortcut in the navigation bar at the top of any Ensemblpage) and click New. Choose the Ensembl Genes database. Choose the Ciona savignyi genes (CSAV 2.0) dataset.

  2. Click on Filters in the left panel. Expand the GENE. Enter the gene list in the Input external references ID list box. Gene stable ID(s) should be preselected.

  3. Click on Attributes in the left panel. Select the Homologues attributes at the top of the page. Expand the GENE section. Deselect Gene stable ID version, Transcript stable ID and Transcript stable ID version. Expand the ORTHOLOGUES [F-J] section. Select Human gene stable ID.

  4. Click Results. Select View: All rows as HTML.

    All but ENSCSAVG00000000006 have a homologue in human.