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Exporting regulatory features with BioMart

Using the Human Regulatory Features dataset, export a list of all enhancers falling in cytogenetic band q13.2 on chromosome 22 and their activity in Aorta. How many of them are active?

Go to BioMart and click New. Choose the Ensembl Regulation database. Choose the Human Regulatory Features dataset.

Click on Filters in the left panel. Expand the REGULATORY FEATURES section by clicking on the + box and select the following:

  • Chromosome - 22
  • Karyotype band: Band start – q13.2, Band end - q13.2
  • Feature TypeEnhancer
  • Epigenome nameaorta

Click on Attributes in the left panel. Select Chromosome/scaffold name, Start (bp), End (bp), Feature type, Regulatory stable ID, Activity and Epigenome name. Click the Results button to see the results table. Select View: All and choose to see Unique results only.

There is only one enhancer active in aorta in this cytogenetic band: ENSR00001239875.