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Ensembl Fungi: variation data in the S. cerevisiae mitochondrial genome

Retrieve the variation ID, chromosome name, position in bp and alleles for all sequence variants in the mtDNA. Export the results as an xls table and have the results sent to you by email.

You can do this either from ensembl.org or fungi.ensembl.org. Go to BioMart in the top bar.

Choose dataset: Variation -> Saccharomyces cerevisiae short variants

Open Filters, expand REGION then select Chromosome/scaffold -> Mito.

Open Attributes, expand VARIANT ASSOCIATED INFORMATION then select Variant Alleles in addition to the pre-selected attributes.

Hit Results to see a preview table.

At the top select Export all results to, choose Compressed web file (notify by email) then choose xls as the file type. Input your email address then hit Go. You will receive your results by email.