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Go to metazoa.ensembl.org.

Find the AGAP009734 (wingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 1) gene in Anopheles gambiae. Go to the Location tab.

(a) Click Synteny at the left. Are there any syntenic regions in Anopheles funestus? If so, which chromosomes are shown in this view?

(b) Stay in the Synteny view. Is there a homologue in Anopheles funestus for Anopheles gambiae AGAP009734? Are there more genes in this syntenic block with homologues?

(a) Yes, there are multiple syntenic regions in A. funestus to A. gambiae chromosome 3R, which is in the centre of this view. A. funestus chromosomes CM012071 and CM012072 have syntenic regions to A. gambiae chromosome 3R.

(b) Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

There is a homologue in A. funestus of A. gambiae AGAP009734: wg.

Click Centre on gene to compare the genes between the two species in this syntenic block.